Why Ribbon Tweeters?



First developed over 50 years ago, the advantages of a properly designed and implemented ribbon tweeter were quickly recognized and appreciated by audiophiles around the globe. With a significantly lower mass than a dome or conical tweeter, they offered greater speed, detail and resolution combined with ultra-low distortion. Another key advantage of a ribbon tweeter is that the diaphragm is field replaceable, usually at a very reasonable price. No need to replace the entire high frequency device should you ever experience a problem. For more insight into how a ribbon tweeter operates visit: 


The main downside of this technology has always been the complexity and cost of manufacturing. Particularly when utilizing a neodymium magnet and pure aluminum diaphragm. This has traditionally limited its use to manufacturer’s most select and upscale models. As the world’s largest designer and supplier (20,000 + / yr.) of pure aluminum ribbon tweeters, Aurum Cantus engineering and manufacturing expertise allow us to offer this superior technology in each and every speaker we sell starting at $750 / pair. Compare and see how many (if any) other companies offer this technology in similarly priced speaker systems. Our engineering, manufacturing and distribution advantage offers you a significant value for your money.

Trust your ears……