Who is Aurum Cantus



"Who are those guys?"

Paul Newman to Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Aurum Cantus is Latin for “Golden Song” and they’re probably the largest speaker manufacturer you never heard of. First established in Milan, Italy in the 1980's, the company started by designing and manufacturing OEM components for high-end European speaker brands. To meet growing demand and increase their manufacturing capability, they formed a partnership in 1994 with the Jinlang Audio Company Ltd. This European-Asian consortium was formed to incorporate the two partner’s expertise in engineering, styling and production technologies into an advanced speaker manufacturer. In the last twenty years Aurum Cantus has become a major designer and supplier of speaker components to the high-end audio industry and have been helping other companies sound good for over two decades.

 Aurum Cantus woofers, mid-ranges and high frequency drivers are employed by many top rated Asian, American and European speaker manufacturers. In addition, Aurum Cantus is the world’s single largest designer and manufacturer of ribbon tweeters with over twenty different models available. Four of those are their highly advanced Aero Striction Tweeters (AST). Referred to by many as Air Motion Transformers, this proprietary design has earned the company much international recognition and acclaim. Aurum Cantus speakers are renowned for the quality of their construction, aesthetics, fit, finish, performance and overall value. Check out the “Reviews” link for more details.

So what does this mean for me, Joe / Jane Audiophile? Here are the three main advantages you experience when you purchase Aurum Cantus speakers from Audiophile Direct:

 1) You benefit from their advanced engineering knowledge as Aurum Cantus designs and manufactures each and every component used in their speakers. That’s extremely rare and few other manufacturers can make that claim. This gives them a particular insight into the metrics required to engineer and produce a high performance and competitive speaker design.

2) As the manufacturer of each component in their speakers, Aurum Cantus experiences a significant cost savings in the production process which is then passed onto the consumer. Few (if any) other speaker brands can offer similar quality components in their speakers at similar prices.

3) As our name implies, Audiophile Direct sells directly to customers at wholesale here in the US. That eliminates a critical layer of cost in the sales process. No middle men, no additional markup and simply more value for our customers. You can expect to save between 30% and 50% on your speaker purchase compared to other high-end brands.

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