Tired of the Hype?


Confused by all the varying opinions on speakers, overwhelmed with all the claims and mountain of hype?

Regardless of all the hyperbole you see, hear and read in high-end audio, there are really no secrets to building a good quality speaker. There is no miracle material, compound or coating that is uniquely known to a single manufacturer. No newly devised cross-over filter that’s been discovered and no radical enclosure design that’s been previously hidden and recently unearthed. And sorry, contrary to what you might think or been told, there's no single genius that's cracked the code to building the world's greatest speaker. All the knowledge and insight to build a successful speaker design is well known, documented and disseminated.

Every speaker currently produced is a variation and interpretation of that knowledge by the specific designer. The key has always been to deliver the highest possible performance at the most competitive price. In this regard we feel that the Aurum Cantus / Audiophile Direct team offer a significant advantage to those wishing to own true high-end speakers. If you take the time to carefully review our product line and compare, we think you’ll agree that we offer some of the best values today in high-end audio. Not sure, you have 60 days to evaluate Aurum Cantus in your home with free shipping and a money back guarantee. Questions, comments or suggestions, give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we’ll be glad to discuss your needs.

Trust your ears.....