Loudspeaker Testing



All Aurum Cantus loudspeakers undergo a rigorous evaluation process before they are shipped from the factory. The first round includes a multi-step diagnostic series conducted with the LMS (Loudspeaker Measuring System) manufactured by Linear X Systems in Portland, Oregon. This American company engineers and supplies some of the most widely employed speaker testing instruments and software in the industry. Speakers are tested for their frequency response, impedance, phase response and noise artifacts among a host of other parameters. You can view the detailed specifications of each and every Aurum Cantus speaker model on their respective page.



The second critical step in the quality control process is an audition by the engineering team. Regardless of the results documented by the LMS, the speaker must pass the muster of several discriminating and very picky engineers. Rejected products return to the production department to have their issues addressed before starting the entire evaluation process over again. Pride in workmanship and performance is a deep seeded value and obsession at Aurum Cantus.

Trust your ears.....