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 Great seeing all the visitors to our display at the recent Axpona show in Chicago. We received a ton of lavish praise for the American debut of the Aurum Cantus V80F. Many were awestruck at the price / performance of these speakers and all of the associated gear. Thanks to Benchmark Media, Dana Cables and Gingko Audio for their participation in this years event.

Here's a nice article from the folks over at www.audioholics.com:

“The Aurum Cantus V80F look-and sound like they should cost a lot more than they actually do. This is true not just from seeing their stylish appearance but also from looking at their spec sheet. One reason for the low cost may be that Aurum Cantus is a major manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers, so they can use very high-end components in their own speakers for a lower cost than other speaker manufacturers. This is why you can see such a premium ribbon tweeter in a speaker that doesn’t cost a lot more than $5k/pair. Normally ribbon tweeters have to be crossed over at high frequencies since they are quite fragile, but the large APR1.0 ribbon tweeter in the V80F can handle an impressively low crossover frequency of 1,800 Hz, which is beyond the capability of even most dome tweeters. The same is true for the carbon-fiber bass-driver and mid-woofer. Aurum Cantus also manufactures components on the crossover circuit. The V80F leverages Aurum Cantus’ manufacturing capability to produce a loudspeaker of a level of quality that traditional speaker manufacturers would be hard-pressed to match. To most people, it would not be considered a cheap speaker, but when you look at it from the perspective of the quality of components being used, it looks like a bargain.”

Here's some coverage from the nice folks at www.audiobacon.net:

Schaumburg A: Audiophile Direct, Aurum Cantus, Benchmark Media Systems, DanaCable, Gingko Audio. Aurum Cantus’s new V80F loudspeakers ($5,250/pr) is a 3-Way floor standing speaker using the award winning Aurum Cantus wide-band aluminum ribbon tweeter technology. Benchmark DAC3/HGC ($2,995), DanaCable Diamond Reference cabling ($1,500+), Gingko Audio Mini/Super ARCHs (starts at $299/set). Great acoustic synergy in this configuration. We also had a wonderful time talking shop with Roger DuNaier. One of the funniest guys at these shows.

And from the coverage of AVS.com:


Aurum Cantus

@TuteTibiImperes says:

“Wow – Aurum Cantus – most of us know them for Parts Express ribbon tweeters, but apparently they make full speakers as well, and they sound Ah-mah-zing! Seriously, these things have imaging and soundstage to die for, a nice sweet tonal balance, and look sort of like me grasshoppers with their unique feet. Some Benchmark amps and an Oppo disc player complete the chain.”

“They didn’t have the bookshelves hooked up, but for the price, If they sound like these towers, those could be Sierra killers.”


Great seeing all the visitors to our demo at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. We co-sponsored the $5000 Room with Gingko Audio and the generosity of Marjorie Baumert, Supreme Commander at RMAF. Great concept and everyone said we had a very impressive display at that price point. Thanks Marjorie for your innovation and dedication to all audiophiles regardless of budget!

Herb Reichert of Stereophile wrote:

“The $5000 room was all about the excellent Aurum Cantus Melody M-103 SE loudspeakers ($1800/pr.) and their ribbon tweeters; the VPI Cliffwood turntable ($895); and the 85Wpc Music Hall a30.3 integrated amplifier ($999)—and, last but not least, the cables by Dana Cable (marketed exclusively by Gingko Audio).

Appropriate $5K room adjectives: fast, clean, easy, free moving, dance-able, with life and bustle; and obviously a genuine perfectionist system.

This room was produced by Audiophile Direct LLC and Gingko Audio.”


From Piero Gabucci – Home Theater High Fidelity:

“The 2nd floor rooms were labeled with the price of the gear before you went in with what to expect. I’d just started in one of the highest price rooms at $5,000 and was impressed, seriously impressed that everything I saw, I could have for $5k: Aurum Cantus Melody 103SE speakers, anchoring the system.”


Steven Rocklin of www.EnoytheMusic.com on the featured $5000 Room at RMAF 2017

“Arum Cantus M103SE speakers are an incredible value at $1800/pr. and are available in matte Cherry or Rosewood PU finish. This two-way vented enclosure design has a surprisingly wide frequency range from 35Hz to 40KHz via an APR3.2 sandwich aluminum ribbon tweeter being mated with an AC180/DC50C2C 7" sandwich cone of non-woven carbon fiber + Cell + non-woven carbon. Fortunately, sensitivity is 89dB/W/m and is 8 Ohms (minimum 6.4 Ohms) so even low-ish powered tube amps can play nice. For a mere $5000 this is one heckofa system. Bass was full sounding, with the highs being fast and extended. Yet on voice... oh yes my friends, female vocals were smooth and glorious. Me likeeee for the priceee.”

RMAF 2017 Best Sound of Show

Value Speakers

  • Aurum Cantus M-103SE speakers ($1,800)  I think these were the best value at the show. Not sure how they were able to pull that off as the craftsmanship and materials probably attribute to most of the cost.



Great seeing all of you at the recent LA Audio Show June 2nd thru 4th at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles. It was our first showing of the Award Winning V30M and it was an absolute hit.

Here's a brief commentary from Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile Magazine:



We had a great time at the Recent Axpona Show in Chicago. Thanks to everyone who visited our room and spent some time.  Although it appeared that not many members of the media attended, Steven Rochlin from EnjoyTheMusic.com did come and offered a few kind words.



Thank you to all the visitors to our display at the 
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016. We had a great time at the Denver Tech Center Marriot and received some glowing praise on the V3M's.


"and what I can say is all the other stand-mount speaker manufacturers better watch out, the V3Ms sound like they should cost double or triple the $2000 they sell for"  - Kemper Holt, EnjoyThe Music.com



Enjoy The Music.com Blue Note Award

Home Theater Shack

 EnjoyTheMusic.com- Steven Rochlin

"And so finally this brings us to Wells Audio, Aurum Cantus, and Dana Cable within Audiophile Direct's exhibit room here at RMAF 2016 in Denver. This revisiting of their room yielded benefits as the system had speedy fast highs, excellent imaging. You may recall my previous RMAF 2016 coverage of this room in Part 2, and it just keeps getting better here. Truly impressive sound and easily earns my Best Sounds At RMAF 2016 Show Award. So remember kids, the very last day of a show is also usually the best day to seriously listen too."


Thanks to everyone who visited our demonstration at the recent Axpona in Chicago and made us one of the hits of the show. Here's an excerpt from www.audioshark.org:

Best Budget Speaker: "The Elac's made another strong showing, but this year, for me, the Aurum Cantus Melody M-102SE's at $2500 a pair. Finished in a gorgeous cherry (or rosewood option), these speakers sounded magnificent. Runner up: Elac's".

And here's an entry from James & Linda Darby of www.stereomojo.com:

"The Aurum Cantus Melody M-102SE ($2,500/pr) 3-way vented towers with pure aluminum ribbon tweeter sounded especially sweet with the Hegel H-160 Integrated amp with built-in DAC $3,200"


Great to see all the visitors to our display at the recent T.H.E. Show Newport. We had a great show and thank everyone for all the positive comments and reviews we received. Here's some feedback from Sasha Mateson of Stereophile


"Torrance-based Audiophile Direct, LLC was featuring a bouquet of several fine brands for which they are both retailer and US distributors. I heard the Sound Science Music Vault Diamond music server ($4,995), the Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier ($3,499), and the Aurum Cantus Melody M-102SE loudspeaker ($2,500/pair). The latter loudspeaker is an attractively mid-sized wood-finish floorstander, with a three-way design that includes an aluminum ribbon tweeter. The Majestic integrated amp was being premiered here at T.H.E. Show, and puts out 150Wpc into 8 Ohms. Aurum Cantus is a collaboration involving two companies—one based in Australia, the other in China.

As it was my job to be objective, whether or not I happened to like the music, I bit down hard when on came Don McLean's "Starry Starry Night." (There's a reason Van Gogh lost an ear.) But you can believe me when I say that this track sounded nice! Then I heard that famous track that Bob Dylan likes to open his live shows with, Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man," played by the Minnesota Orchestra. WHAM! Those huge cavern-deep bass-drum whacks and law-giving blasts from the brass were everything they should be. Outstanding value for $ in this room".

Read more at http://www.stereophile.com/content/show-newport-sashas-day-two-part-one#JkltESEgZBuOcgYl.99


 We'are very proud to announce that EnjoyTheMusic.com selected our display as the best value at the show

EnjoyTheMusic.com - T.H.E. Show Newport 2016

Visit http://www.enjoythemusic.com/THE_Show_Newport_2016/Aurum_Cantus_Wells_Audio_Dana_Cables/ for the complete review.