Finishes & Construction



Aurum Cantus has earned a reputation for some of the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing speaker enclosures on the market. Available in several high gloss and non-gloss wood finishes, this elaborate and labor intensive manufacturing process results in both stunning and highly durable furniture grade products.

Production begins with the process of graduated (rough to fine) hand sanding followed with the application of 18 layers of piano paints on carefully selected hardwoods. Next in the process is 5-7 days of temperature controlled baking. This is then followed by a round of triple polishing and the final application of the high gloss finish. The cabinet construction teams have been trained in Italy by highly experienced master craftsmen. 

In addition to the finish of their speakers, careful attention is paid to the shape and construction of the enclosures. Each and every speaker has a specific optimized geometry based on the targeted performance and components being employed. All the Aurum Cantus speakers (with 1 exception) that we import into the US offer tapered enclosures to increase the structural integrity and minimize internal reflections called “standing air waves”. And where required, many incorporate sloped front baffles to maximize the acoustic alignment of the components. These are time consuming and labor extensive steps employed in even the least expensive Aurum Cantus speakers and absent on many competing products. To protect these highly refined enclosures, all Aurum Cantus speakers are tripled packed in sleeved cartons and then suspended with custom fitting foam inserts and a velvet or acrylic (depending on model) sock to protect the finish.

As you can imagine, the production of Aurum Cantus speakers is a complex and tedious process. Quality takes time! If you’ve ordered a finish from us that is not in stock, please be patient, your wait will be rewarded with years of enjoyment.

Trust your ears……