Carbon Fiber & Kevlar










Many speaker manufacturers claim to use exotic and highly specialize materials in their systems with all kinds of fancy sounding names, colors and finishes. Aurum Cantus uses a proprietary combination of two of the best materials available. For their cone mid-ranges and woofers they employ carbon fiber and Kevlar. The type of carbon fiber utilized is a highly specialized version called “non-woven” This is the most desirable version because it does not experience the shear stress caused by the traditional over and under lapping fiber bundles found in woven versions. It is superior in both compressive and tensile strength.

Through the process of high pressure agglutination (yes, it’s a real word), the carbon fiber is formed on the front of the cone with Kevlar on the rear. Although costly and complex to manufacture, this design offers the best combination of light weight, proper damping, structural integrity and low resonance. In addition to these materials, Aurum Cantus also employs both a Faraday ring and demodulation coil on all of their cone drivers for improved performance, lower distortion and increased reliability.

Trust your ears…..