About Us



“Wish you had a buddy in the high-end audio business, well now you do”

Audiophile Direct is a brand new concept from a group of long time industry professionals. Our staff has over 35 years of experience in professional, commercial and consumer audio and acoustics. With the skyrocketing cost of high-end audio, we felt there must be a better way to acquire the products we’re all so passionate about.

The key to our concept is that we are the US distributors for all the products we sell. This assures us the most competitive prices from our manufacturers. Secondly, we sell directly to audiophiles and save any third party mark-up, profit or add on costs. This allows our customers to save between 30% and 50% over using traditional sales channels as they purchase from us at wholesale prices. With free shipping (in the continental US), full warranty service / support and a 60 day money back guaranty, we make the shopping experience and ownership easy.

The brands we sell are major manufacturers and are carefully selected for their quality, performance and overall value. They are well reviewed and recognized within the industry and have a documented track record. We don't sell any "off" brands or "house brands". The difference is that you can now acquire these products at a significant savings. Our offices are located in Torrance, CA in the South Bay of Los Angeles with warehousing at the Port of Los Angeles in the City of Long Beach. Check out our brands, we’ll be adding more down the road.

Trust your ears……